I support you in the areas of UX, usability and user centered design. My forte is within UX vision and strategy, and the tools and processes this requires. However, all of the disciplines intertwine, so I will definitely encourage you to contact me to discuss what constellation will suit you, your team, your organization and your product.

Often you get most value of having a customized approach to your work with UX, usability and user centered design. It’s important to make use of some of the tools, ceremonies and processes already existing within your organization and use them as a lifter for this work. This makes the success rate of getting the best result so much higher.


Having a solid UX vision and strategy ensures alignment between user needs, business vision and technical feasibility.

A good UX vision and strategy helps your organization prioritize and allocate resources where they give most business value. Furthermore, it ensures that the development team focus on solving the right problems for your users. 

It helps to keep your users in mind throughout the development process. And it gives you guidance and direction when you need to make decisions.

A good UX vision and strategy enables a shared language around UX, making communication much easier in your organization, which potential can lead to higher UX maturity.

Give me a call or send me a mail and let's discuss how to make a UX vision and strategy that suits your organization.


Speed is key in agile development and it demands new ways of working with UX design.

In this accelerated environment ‘Big Design Up front’ does not stand a chance. You therefore need a way of integrating UX in the agile development environment and preferable within the agile development teams

Selecting or defining the right process that suits you, your team and organization depends on different factors like the delivery model, time to market, resources, team structure and technology. In deciding the best UX process for your team, it is important to tailor that process to ensure it meets your needs.

Give me a call or send me a mail and let's discuss how I can help you define agile UX within your organization.


Measuring UX promotes better decision making and ensures that you can make informed decisions. It supports your UX vision and strategy by highlighting potential user issues in your product. This makes it possible to use your resources where it will improve your product the most and give highest value.

I encourage to have a set of company specific UX metrics, used to form an overall UX KPI.

This helps to form a shared language across UX and business, and can help business benchmark competitor products and quantify their UX offering.

Defining UX requirements makes it possible to define your UX attributes and enable testing. This leads to quantitative UX statements, which e.g. can support both your marketing- and test strategy.

Give me a call or send me a mail and let's discuss how I can help you measure UX in your organization.


You need a process for groups of people with diverse backgrounds to work collaboratively to generate  new and creative ideas.

It should be possible to adapt and customize the process to suit different scenarios, different types of concepts and of course different types of teams and organizations. You need basic principles for idea generation and how you as a group can work with it. You also need steps for idea selection and development

I facilitate:

Workshops: Here we figure out together what you need in order to move forward with your idea, concept or product.

Design sprint: Use five days (or less) and go from idea to tested concept. Here you have the oppotuniay of adding in roadmap development and user story refinement including UX requirements.

Give me a call or send me a mail and let's discuss how I can help you facilitate your process.


You can book me for public talks and internal training in the above areas, together with topics like Design Psychology, How to Develop UX KPIs, Why UX is Business Critical, and more classical UX topics.

I am also very happy to share my knowledge about the different areas and support and mature your organisation in making this work yourself. 

Give me a call or send me a mail and let's discuss how I can help you.


An expert review takes both user needs and business requirements into account. Often an expert review can come in handy before starting testing with end-users in order to remove design errors, misalignments, and UX and usability errors. Another advantage is that an expert review can be conducted at all stage of development, giving valuable guidance to future development and it can be part of your business review.

I conduct expert review based on cognitive walkthrough, looking at e.g. the overall user journey, general problems, overall design, accessibility, optimizing design and new business opportunities. I use the linses of best practice, usability guidelines, UX and usability principles, users’ mental models, perception- and cognitive psychology,  and of course also my expertise and past experiences.

Give me a call or send me a mail and let's discuss how I can help you with my expertice.

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